Letter from Baroness Berridge

9 October 2020

Dear Mark,

An article posted in the Eastbourne Herald titled ‘Eastbourne school’s great Covid-19 response’, was recently brought to my attention.

It was extremely encouraging to read such a positive parent’s view of the levels of guidance and support being provided to both parents and pupils, by the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust staff, particularly during these very challenging times.

I have also been made aware of the support DCAT continues to offer to the community, be it via a trust school offering spare school bus places to other local school pupils or DCAT ensuring the provision of free school meals, even before the introduction of the national voucher scheme. I understand these are just two of many examples.

I am also pleased to hear about the strong relationship you have built with the RSC team, working in collaboration to continue striving to ensure the best outcomes for all learners within your trust. What a great testament to DCAT.

I do hope that you are ambitious to spread your good work as I am keen to see many more of the schools in Chichester Diocese become academies. With only 8% of schools in the academy sector I do hope you will speak with the RSC, Claire Burton, to see how more schools can benefit from being a member of a strong trust like DCAT. Claire can be reached at claire.burton@education.gov.uk

I would like to personally thank you and your team for the fantastic support and care you continue to provide to your pupils, parents and to the wider community.