Life saving skills training for the children at Christ Church CE Primary and Nursery Academy

5 July 2021

Emergency Life Support Team (ELST), spent the week at Christ Church CE Primary and Nursery Academy, teaching students from year 2 up to year 6, the life saving skill of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), together with how to put someone into the recovery position and learning about the Emergency Services, how and when to use the 999 service correctly.
Learning how to administer CPR can only improve survival rates of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, which currently, in the UK, is between 8 and 10%, compared to a 25% survival rate, in Norway, who have been teaching the process of CPR in schools since the 1960s. The Students learned to look for danger signs around the casualty, keeping themselves safe, how to check for a response and call for help, checking and clearing the airway, open the airway and check for breathing, calling 999 and how to administer CPR. ELST were delighted to work with Christ Church School, pioneering a unique course, whereby, the pupils became the instructors and taught their peers the same life saving skills. By the end of the week, Christ Church School and the local community had over 300 new potential life savers among us with every student receiving a CPR certificate of achievement. ELST instructors are all former members of the Emergency Services or Military, with a wealth of experience who believe that everyone, both young and old, should possess the skills to save a life. For details of First Aid Courses and School CPR training please Visit Emergency Life Support Team at

“We are keen to give our pupils opportunities to learn life skills that will stand them in good stead for the future. I am sure that the training our pupils received will inspire some of them to look at this area as a possible career. Their engagement and enthusiasm was amazing. The fact that they became the teachers was one of the aspects we were keen to enable in this course. It showed the level of learning that had taken place and will undoubtedly be used in our community.”

Russell Thorne (Co-Headteacher)