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shared with the Secretary of State to enable him to assess their suitability.
2. RUNNING OF THE ACADEMIES Length of school day and year
2.1 The length of the school day and year will be the responsibility of the Academy Trust and for the purpose of this paragraph “school” also means a 16 to 19 Academy.
Teachers and staff
2.2 In complying with the Independent School Standards, the Academy Trust must require enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (“DBS”) certificates as appropriate for members of staff, supply staff, members of the Academy Trust, individual Charity Trustees and the chair of the Board of Charity Trustees.
2.3 The Academy Trust must promptly submit to the Secretary of State, on request, the information contained in any enhanced DBS certificate that it receives.
2.4 The Academy Trust must, where applicable, in respect of each of its Academies designate a member of staff at each Academy responsible for promoting the educational achievement of pupils at the Academy who are being looked after by an LA, and in doing so must comply with the law, regulations and guidance that apply to maintained schools.
2.5 Teachers’ pay and conditions of service at the Academies are the responsibility of the Academy Trust.
2.6 The Academy Trust must ensure that all teachers employed in each Academy have access to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and, in so doing, must comply with the requirements of the scheme and with Fair Deal for staff pensions guidance published by HM Treasury.
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