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6.8 Where a person (‘P’) is a member or director of a body corporate (as a corporation sole or otherwise) by virtue of an office, no change of Control arises merely by P’s successor becoming a member or director in P’s place.
6.9 The Academy Trust must promptly notify the Secretary of State if there is a proposed or actual change of Control of the Academy Trust, or of a legal entity that Controls the Academy Trust.
6.10 When notifying the Secretary of State further to clause 6.9, the Academy Trust must seek his agreement that, if he is satisfied with the change of Control, he will not exercise his right to terminate this Agreement further to clause 6.7.
7.1 The Academy Trust must promptly provide to the Secretary of State any information about the Academy Trust, or any of its Academies, which he regards as necessary to fulfil his role and responsibilities.
7.2 The Secretary of State will give the Academy Trust any information it reasonably requires of him for the running of its Academies.
Access by the Secretary of State's Officers
7.3 The Academy Trust must allow DfE officials to enter any of its Academies at any reasonable time. All records, files and reports relating to the running of each Academy must be available to them at any reasonable time. Two DfE officials may attend and speak at any meetings of each Academy’s Local Governing Body, of the Academy Trust’s Board of Charity Trustees or any other meetings of the Charity Trustees of the Academy Trust, but will withdraw from any discussion of an Academy’s or the Academy Trust’s relationship with the Secretary of State or any discussion of bids for funding to the Secretary of State.
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