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Secretary of State agrees to fund, which is substantially in the form of the supplemental funding agreement entered into by both parties at the time that this Agreement is signed.
“Teaching Staff” means teachers and the principal or head teacher employed at the Academy.
“Termination Notice” means a notice sent by the Secretary of State to the Academy Trust, terminating this Agreement and each Supplemental Agreement on the date specified in the notice.
1.5 The Interpretation Act 1978 applies to this Agreement as it applies to an Act of Parliament.
1.6 A reference in this Agreement to any party or body includes its successors.
1.7 Any words following the terms ‘include’, ‘including’ or ‘in particular’ are by way of illustration, not limitation.
1.8 A reference in this Agreement to land includes any buildings or structures on the land.
1.9 A reference in this Agreement to pupils includes students at a 16-19 Academy.
1.10 Where any legislation, legal requirement or published guidance is referred to, unless otherwise stated, the following terms should be interpreted as follows:
a) “school” refers to the relevant Mainstream Academy, Alternative Provision Academy, Special Academy or Studio School, and “educational institution” refers, where the context so admits, to a 16-19 Academy;
b) the “head teacher” may refer to the Academy’s head teacher or principal;
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