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j) curriculum development;
k) the costs of providing school meals for pupils (including the cost of providing free school lunches to pupils who are eligible to receive them), and any discretionary grants to pupils to meet the cost of pupil support, including support for pupils with SEN or disabilities;
l) administration; and
m) establishment expenses and other institutional costs.
3.13 GAG for each Academy Financial Year for each Mainstream Academy,
Special Academy and Studio School will include:
a) funding equivalent to that which would be received by a maintained school with similar characteristics, determined by the Secretary of State and taking account of the number of pupils at the Academy;
b) funding to cover necessary functions which would be carried out by the relevant LA if the Academy were a maintained school;
c) payment of any additional specific grants made available to maintained schools, where the Academy meets the criteria for those grants, and at the Secretary of State’s discretion; and
d) funding for any other costs to the Academy which the Secretary of State considers necessary.
3.14 TheAcademyTrustmustuseGAGonlyformaintaining,carryingon,managing and developing the Academy in question in accordance with this Agreement and the relevant Supplemental Agreement, except where the Secretary of State has given specific consent for the Academy Trust to use GAG for another charitable purpose.
3.15 In particular (but without limitation) the Academy Trust must not use GAG for:
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