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a) education and training for adults who are not pupils of the Academy, other than staff professional development;
b) nursery provision for which parents are charged a fee;
c) nursery provision to children outside of the relevant Academy’s age range as stated in the applicable Supplemental Agreement;
d) Children’s Centres;
e) any additional cost of providing sport and leisure facilities for a purpose not permitted in clause 3.14.
Earmarked Annual Grant (EAG)
3.16 The Secretary of State may pay EAG to the Academy Trust for specific purposes, agreed between the Secretary of State and the Academy Trust, and as described in the relevant funding letter. The Academy Trust must spend EAG only in accordance with that letter.
3.17 Where the Academy Trust is seeking a specific EAG for any Academy Financial Year, it must send a letter outlining its proposals and the reasons for the request to the DfE.
Arrangements for paying GAG and EAG
3.18 Before each Academy Financial Year, the Secretary of State will notify the Academy Trust of the GAG and EAG amounts in respect of each Academy which, subject to parliamentary approval, the Secretary of State plans for that Academy Financial Year and how these have been calculated.
3.19 The amounts of GAG for an Academy Financial Year will be determined annually by the Secretary of State, and notified to the Academy Trust in a funding letter sent before the relevant Academy Financial Year begins (the “Annual Letter of Funding”).
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