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support for SEN. The Academy Trust must ensure that all provision required under that agreement is provided for those pupils.
4.1 In order for the Secretary of State to provide grant funding to the Academy Trust, the Academy Trust must be fulfilling the financial and reporting requirements in this Agreement, and any Supplemental Agreements.
4.2 In its conduct and operation, the Academy Trust must apply financial and other controls which meet the requirements of regularity, propriety and value for money.
4.3 The Academy Trust must appoint an accounting officer and must notify the Secretary of State of that appointment. The Academy Trust must assign to the accounting officer the responsibilities of the role set out in the Academies Financial Handbook and HM Treasury’s publication ‘Managing Public Money’.
4.4 The Academy Trust must abide by the requirements of, and have regard to the guidance for, charities and charity trustees issued by the Charity Commission and, in particular, the Charity Commission’s guidance on ‘Protecting Charities from Harm’. Any references in this document which require charity trustees to report to the Charity Commission should instead be interpreted as reporting to the body or person appointed as the principal regulator under the Charities Act 2011.
4.5 The Academy Trust must abide by the requirements of the current 16 to 19 Funding Guidance published by the Secretary of State, in respect of any provision for students who are above compulsory school age until the academic year in which they reach the age of 19.
4.5A If the Secretary of State pays any grant to or on behalf of the Academy Trust, in respect of any Free Schools that the Academy Trust establishes and maintains, which includes an amount to cover VAT, the Academy Trust shall, having paid
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