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2.7 The Academy Trust must, in accordance with the Local Government Pension Scheme (Administration) Regulations 2008 and with Fair Deal for staff pensions guidance published by HM Treasury, ensure that all affected staff employed by the Academy Trust other than teachers have access to the Local Government Pension Scheme, unless an individual expressly chooses to opt out of the Scheme in accordance with the regulations.
2.8 Where a member of the Teaching Staff employed at an Academy applies for a teaching post at another academy, a maintained school or a further education institution, the Academy Trust must at the request of the board of governors or academy trust of that other educational institution:
a) advise in writing whether or not, in the previous two years, there has been any formal capability considerations or proceedings for that teacher at the Academy or the Predecessor School;
b) give written details of the concerns which gave rise to any such consideration of that teacher’s capability, the duration of the proceedings and their outcome.
School meals
2.9 Subject to clause 2.12, the Academy Trust must provide school lunches and free school lunches in accordance with the provisions of sections 512(3) and 512ZB(1) of the Education Act 1996 as if references in sections 512 and 512ZB to a local authority were to the Academy Trust and as if references to a school maintained by a local authority were to any of its Academies.
2.10 The Academy Trust must comply with school food standards legislation as if its Academies were maintained schools.
2.11 Where the Academy Trust provides milk to pupils, it must be provided free of charge to pupils who would be eligible for free milk if they were pupils at a maintained school.
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