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2.15 For all its Academies except 16 to 19 Academies, the Academy Trust must comply with sections 402, 450-457 and 459-462 of the Education Act 1996 with regard to public examinations, charging, providing information, inviting voluntary contributions and recovering civil debts, as if its Academies were maintained schools.
2.16 There must be no charge for admission to or attendance at any of the Academies, and the Academies will only charge pupils where the law allows maintained schools to charge.
2.17 Clause 2.16 does not prevent the Academy Trust receiving funds from an LA or a charity in respect of the admission and attendance of a pupil with SEN to an Academy.
2.18 Notwithstanding clause 2.16, the Academy Trust may charge people who are not registered pupils at one of its Academies for education or use of facilities.
2.19 Where an Academy provides a pupil with board and lodging, the Academy Trust must not charge the parent of that pupil more than the cost to the Academy Trust of providing the board and lodging, except as required by the Fees, Charges and Levies guidance in HM Treasury’s publication ‘Managing Public Money’.
2.20 In respect of Mainstream Academies, and Special Academies which admit pupils without statements of SEN and Studio Schools, the Academy Trust must, if asked to by an LA, enter into an agreement which has the effect that where:
a) the Academy admits a pupil who has been permanently excluded from a maintained school, the Academy itself or another academy with whom the LA has a similar agreement; or
b) the Academy Trust permanently excludes a pupil from the Academy,
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