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i. “% achieving 5 + A* - C GCSEs (or equivalent) including English and maths GCSEs”;
ii. “% achieving the English Baccalaureate”; and
iii. “% of pupils making expected progress”;
c) information about where and how parents (including parents of prospective pupils) can access the most recent report about the Academy published by the Chief Inspector; and
d) information as to where and how parents (including parents of prospective pupils) can access the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State.
2.31 The Academy Trust must ensure that, in relation to any 16-19 Academies, any performance information requested by the Secretary of State is published on the Academy’s website.
2.32 The Secretary of State may direct any Academy to participate in international education surveys, under the Education Act 1996, as if it were a maintained school
Recurrent Expenditure Grants
3.1 The Secretary of State will pay grants towards Recurrent Expenditure, and may pay grants towards Capital Expenditure, for each Academy.
3.2 “Recurrent Expenditure” means any money spent on the establishment, conduct, administration and maintenance of an Academy which does not fall within Capital Expenditure.
3.3 In respect of Recurrent Expenditure, the Secretary of State will pay General Annual Grant (“GAG”) and may additionally pay Earmarked Annual Grant (“EAG”). These are two separate and distinct grants.
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