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payments of Capital Grant and require the Academy Trust to repay all or part of the Capital Grant.
General Annual Grant (GAG)
3.12 The Secretary of State will pay GAG to the Academy Trust towards the normal running costs or capital expenditure of each of its Academies, including:
a) teachers' salaries and related costs (including pension contributions, full and part-time teaching staff and payments in respect of seconded teachers);
b) non-teaching staff salaries and related costs (including pension contributions);
c) employees' expenses;
d) buying, maintaining, repairing and replacing teaching and learning materials and other educational equipment, including books and stationery;
e) buying, maintaining, repairing and replacing other assets including ICT equipment and software, sports equipment and laboratory equipment and materials;
f) examination fees;
g) repairs, servicing and maintenance of buildings (including redecoration, heating, plumbing, lighting etc.); maintenance of grounds (including boundary fences and walls); insurance; cleaning materials and contract cleaning; water and sewerage; fuel and light (including electricity and gas); rents; rates; purchase, maintenance, repairs and replacement of furniture and fittings;
h) medical equipment and supplies;
i) staff development (including in-service training);
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