Page 34 - Trust Master Funding Agreement
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c) offer to make any special payments as defined in HM Treasury’s publication ‘Managing Public Money’ (including ex gratia payments, staff severance payments and compensation payments)
above any values specified in the Academies Financial Handbook.
4.32 The Academy Trust must give the Secretary of State 30 days’ notice, whether or not the circumstances require his consent, of its intention to do any of the actions in clause 4.31.
4.33 TheAcademyTrustmustpromptlynotifytheSecretaryofStateofanyloss arising from suspected theft or fraud in line with the requirements in the Academies Financial Handbook, or otherwise specified by the Secretary of State.
Except as permitted in the Academies Financial Handbook, the Academy Trust must not borrow against Publicly Funded Assets, or so as to put Publicly Funded Assets at risk, without the Secretary of State’s consent.
With regards to a Mainstream Academy, a Special Academy an Alternative Provision Academy or a 16-19 Academy, if a complaint is made about matters arising wholly or partly before the Academy opened, and all or part of that complaint was investigated by the Local Government Ombudsman under Part III of the Local Government Act 1974 (“Part III”), or could have been investigated under Part III if the Predecessor School/Pupil Referral Unit had remained a maintained school/Pupil Referral Unit, the Academy Trust:
a) must abide by the provisions of Part III as if the Academy were a maintained school/Pupil Referral Unit;
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