Page 40 - Trust Master Funding Agreement
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7.4 The following documents must be provided to any interested party or the Secretary of State on request:
a) the agenda for every meeting of the Board of Charity Trustees, any Local Governing Body or any committee to which the Board of Charity Trustees delegates any of its functions;
b) the draft minutes of every such meeting, if they have been approved by the chairman of that meeting;
c) the signed minutes of every such meeting; and
d) any report, document or other paper considered at any such meeting.
7.5 The Academy Trust may exclude from items provided under clause 7.4 any content relating to:
a) a named teacher or other person employed, or proposed to be employed, at any Academy;
b) a named pupil or student at, or candidate for admission to, any Academy; and
c) any matter which the Academy Trust reasonably believes should remain confidential.
7.6 A notice or communication given to a party in connection with this Agreement or any Supplemental Agreement:
a) must be in writing (excluding email, except where agreed in advance) and in English;
b) must be delivered by hand or sent by pre-paid first-class post or other next working day delivery service;
c) will be deemed to have been received:
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