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Directors or Parent members of the Local Governing Bodies or Advisory Bodies which is contested shall be held by secret ballot.
In appointing a Parent Director or Parent member of a Local Governing Body or Advisory Body the Directors shall appoint a person who is the parent of a registered pupil at an Academy; or where it is not reasonably practical to do so, a person who is the parent of a child of compulsory school age.
Multi Academy Trust Model for Church of England Schools
57. The Chief Executive Officer shall be a Director for as long as he remains in office as such.
58. The Directors appointed under Article 50 with the consent of the Members may appoint up to 2 Co-opted Directors for such term (not exceeding four years) and otherwise upon such conditions as they shall think fit. A ‘Co-opted Director’ means a person who is appointed to be a Director by being Co-opted by Directors who have not themselves been so appointed. The Directors may not co-opt an employee of the Company as a Co-opted Director if thereby the number of Directors who are employees of the Company would exceed one third of the total number of Directors . including the Chief Executive Officer.
59 - 63. Not used.
64. The term of office for any Director (other than Co-opted Directors under Article 58) shall be four years, save that this time limit shall not apply to the Chief Executive Officer. Subject to remaining eligible to be a particular type of Director, any Director may be re-appointed or re-elected.
65. A Director shall cease to hold office if he resigns his office by notice to the Company (but only if at least three Directors will remain in office when the notice of resignation is to take effect).
66. A Director shall cease to hold office if he is removed by the person or persons who
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