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83. 84.
The Directors shall for each school year elect a chairman and a vice-chairman from among their number. A Director who is employed by the Company shall not be eligible for election as chairman or vice-chairman.
Subject to Article 84, the chairman or vice-chairman shall hold office as such until his successor has been elected in accordance with Article 85.
The chairman or vice-chairman may at any time resign his office by giving notice in writing to the Clerk. The chairman or vice-chairman shall cease to hold office if:
Where by reason of any of the matters referred to in Article 84, a vacancy arises in the office of chairman or vice-chairman, the Directors shall at their next meeting elect one of their number to fill that vacancy.
Where the chairman is absent from any meeting or there is at the time a vacancy in the office of the chairman, the vice-chairman shall act as the chair for the purposes of the meeting.
Where in the circumstances referred to in Article 86 the vice-chairman is also absent from the meeting or there is at the time a vacancy in the office of vice-chairman, the Directors shall elect one of their number to act as a chairman for the purposes of that meeting, provided that the Director elected shall not be a person who is employed by the Company.
The Secretary shall act as chairman during that part of any meeting at which the chairman is elected.
Any election of the chairman or vice-chairman which is contested shall be held by secret ballot.
The Directors may remove the chairman or vice-chairman from office in accordance
with these Articles.
(a) (b) (c) (d)
he ceases to be a Director;
he is employed by the Company;
he is removed from office in accordance with these Articles; or
in the case of the vice-chairman, he is elected in accordance with these Articles to fill a vacancy in the office of chairman.
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