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The minutes of the proceedings of a meeting of the Directors shall be drawn up and entered into a book kept for the purpose by the person acting as Clerk for the purposes of the meeting; and shall be signed (subject to the approval of the Directors) at the same or next subsequent meeting by the person acting as chairman thereof. The minutes shall include a record of:
(a)all appointments of officers made by the Directors; and
Multi Academy Trust Model for Church of England Schools
by the Directors in the name of the Company. All cheques and orders for the payment of money from such an account shall be signed by at least two signatories authorised by the Directors.
Any Director who has or can have any direct or indirect duty or personal interest (including but not limited to any Personal Financial Interest) which conflicts or may conflict with his duties as a Director shall disclose that fact to the Directors as soon as he becomes aware of it. A Director must absent himself from any discussions of the Directors in which it is possible that a conflict will arise between his duty to act solely in the interests of the Company and any duty or personal interest (including but not limited to any Personal Financial Interest).
For the purpose of Article 97, a Director has a Personal Financial Interest in the employment or remuneration of, or the provision of any other benefit to, that Director as permitted by and as defined by Articles 6.5 - 6.9.
all proceedings at meetings of the Company and of the Directors and of committees of Directors including the names of the Directors present at each such meeting.
100. Subject to these Articles, the Directors:
(a)may appoint separate committees to be known as Local Governing Bodies for each Academy; and
(b)may establish any other committee.
101. Subject to these Articles, the constitution, membership and proceedings of any committee shall be determined by the Directors. The establishment, terms of
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