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 Multi Academy Trust Model for Church of England Schools
reference, constitution and membership of any committee of the Directors shall be reviewed at least once in every twelve months. The membership of any committee of the Directors may include persons who are not Directors, provided that (with the exception of the Local Governing Bodies) a majority of members of any such committee shall be Directors. Except in the case of a Local Governing Body, no vote on any matter shall be taken at a meeting of a committee of the Directors unless the majority of members of the committee present are Directors.
101A. The Directors shall ensure that any Local Governing Body shall include at least 2 elected representatives of the parents of pupils attending the relevant Academy.
102. The power of delegation exercised under Article 105 in relation to the establishment of a Local Governing Body for an Academy shall be by way of Scheme of Delegation.
103. Not used.
104. The functions and proceedings of the Local Governing Bodies shall be subject to regulations made by the Directors from time to time.
The Directors may delegate to any Director, committee (including any Local Governing Body), the Chief Executive Officer or any other holder of an executive office, such of their powers or functions as they consider desirable to be exercised by them. Any such delegation shall be made subject to any conditions the Directors may impose, and may be revoked or altered.
Where any power or function of the Directors has been exercised by any committee (including any Local Governing Body), any Director, the Chief Executive Officer or any other holder of an executive office, that person or committee shall report to the Directors in respect of any action taken or decision made with respect to the exercise of that power or function at the meeting of the Directors immediately following the taking of the action or the making of the decision.
107. The Directors, (after consultation with the Diocese of Chichester Education Trust and having made use of any relevant powers under section 124A of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 or under the relevant supplemental funding agreement in respect of each Academy) shall appoint the Chief Executive Officer and the Principals of the Academies. The Directors may delegate such powers and functions as they
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