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 Multi Academy Trust Model for Church of England Schools
(ii)any vote on the removal of a Director in accordance with Article 66; and
(iii)any vote on the removal of the chairman of the Directors in accordance with Article 90,
shall be any two-thirds (rounded up to a whole number) of the persons who are at the time Directors entitled to vote on those respective matters.
120. Subject to these Articles, every question to be decided at a meeting of the Directors shall be determined by a majority of the votes of the Directors present and voting on the question. Every Director shall have one vote.
121. Subject to Articles 117 - 119, where there is an equal division of votes, the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to any other vote he may have.
122. The proceedings of the Directors shall not be invalidated by
(a)any vacancy among their number; or
(b)any defect in the election, appointment or nomination of any Director.
123. A resolution in writing, signed by all the Directors entitled to receive notice of a meeting of Directors or of a committee of Directors, shall be valid and effective as if it had been passed at a meeting of Directors or (as the case may be) a committee of Directors duly convened and held. Such a resolution may consist of several documents in the same form, each signed by one or more of the Directors.
124. Subject to Article 125, the Directors shall ensure that a copy of:
(a)the agenda for every meeting of the Directors;
(b)the draft minutes of every such meeting, if they have been approved by the person acting as chairman of that meeting;
(c)the signed minutes of every such meeting; and
(d)any report, document or other paper considered at any such meeting,
are, as soon as is reasonably practicable, made available at every Academy to persons wishing to inspect them.
125. There may be excluded from any item required to be made available in pursuance of Article 124, any material relating to:
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