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 Multi Academy Trust Model for Church of England Schools
(a)a named teacher or other person employed, or proposed to be employed, at any Academy;
(b)a named pupil at, or candidate for admission to, any Academy; and
(c)any matter which, by reason of its nature, the Directors are satisfied should remain confidential.
126. Any Director shall be able to participate in meetings of the Directors by telephone or video conference provided that:
(a) he has given notice of his intention to do so detailing the telephone number on which he can be reached and/or appropriate details of the video conference suite from which he shall be taking part at the time of the meeting at least 48 hours before the meeting; and,
(b) the Directors have access to the appropriate equipment if after all reasonable efforts it does not prove possible for the person to participate by telephone or video conference the meeting may still proceed with its business provided it is otherwise quorate.
127. The Directors may from time to time appoint any person whether or not a Member of the Company to be a patron of the Company or to hold any honorary office and may determine for what period he is to hold such office.
128. The seal, if any, shall only be used by the authority of the Directors or of a committee of Directors authorised by the Directors. The Directors may determine who shall sign any instrument to which the seal is affixed and unless otherwise so determined it shall be signed by a Director and by the Clerk or by a second Director.
129. Accounts shall be prepared in accordance with the relevant Statement of Recommended Practice as if the Company was a non-exempt charity and Parts 15 and 16 of the Companies Act 2006 and shall file these with the Secretary of State and the Principal Regulator by 31 December for each Academy Financial Year.
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