About Us

Mark Talbot

Chief Executive Officer

A warm welcome to the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust

We exist to provide a first-class option for schools choosing to become an academy. We currently have twenty five schools making up our Trust, each maintaining its own unique character and identity, serving its own distinct community.

We consider, and our schools tell us, that one of the strengths of our Multi Academy Trust is that all our schools are an equal part of our DCAT family; schools that share ideas, stories and, when appropriate, recourses to helping every child achieve their God-given potential, which is our Trust vision.

To support this, we have clear and stated aims. We aim to be a Trust in which:

  • Developing the whole child means pupils achieve and maximise their potential
  • Continued development of staff is valued and improves education for young people
  • All schools are improving and perform above national expectations
  • The distinct Christian identity of each academy develops and is celebrated

As well as now helping over 1172 staff to best support nearly 7,980 children in the Trust, we are forward-thinking and our Trust 7-year strategy is about meeting our vision and aims alongside three drivers of growth, innovation and collaboration.  I would be delighted to speak to you about this or any aspect of Trust life.

On behalf of our Trust Board, as Chief Executive Officer, I am determined to work with our distinct Academies to best serve their children and communities.

Mark Talbot
Chief Executive Officer

Our Performance

Centre Team (FTE)


  • Average
  • Above Average
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths

DCAT’s KS2 progress scores are above average in all areas. They put DCAT in the top 20% of all Trusts nationally and 2nd out of all Church of England Trusts.

Reading Writing and Maths at expected standard
National Average = 65%

Reading Writing and Maths at higher standard
National Average = 10.5%