Vision for 2025

The Vision for 2025 outlines the roadmap for the Trust over the next 3 years. It builds on our strong foundations and is designed to add depth, capacity and value, responding with energy and vision to the ever-evolving needs of our schools.

As a Church of England Diocesan Trust, our vision for growth is rooted in the conviction that each child should be helped to fulfil their God-given potential. To achieve this:

  • We will invest in practical support to help all our schools grow to become one of the schools of choice in their area
  • We will welcome new schools into the Trust, supported as always by expertise and collaboration of our own schools. We plan to maintain the recent current growth rate of three schools per year, but this is scalable if required
  • We aim to meet the highest criteria of Sir David Carter’s matrix of Leading Trusts (appendix A of the Vision for 2025)

The Vision has five development strands, each contributing to the whole:

1. We are going to build on our strong school improvement, doubling our Senior Education Leadership capacity and adding capacity and expertise for SEND

2. We are going to build up our business support services doubling our regional support in areas such as estates and governance. We will also triple the capacity for HR.

3. We are going to build out our staff development programme for staff across the Trust. We are investing a quarter of million pound to this work over the coming 3 years.

4. We are going to build out the work supporting children’s wellbeing. We will start by funding counselling and enrichment for children. We will invest a quarter of million pounds on this work over the coming 3 years.

5. We are going to build a digital innovation strategy across the Trust. We will be appointing a new Head of Digital Innovation with a supporting budget.

Finally, the Vision for 2025 is financed by the Trust using grants secured from the DfE and income from new growth. We are grateful to the range of colleagues who helped create this Vision and are collectively excited about making it a reality.

Below is the Vision for 2025 document and launch video.

Our Performance

Centre Team (FTE)


  • Average
  • Above Average
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths

DCAT’s KS2 progress scores are above average in all areas. They put DCAT in the top 20% of all Trusts nationally and 2nd out of all Church of England Trusts.

Reading Writing and Maths at expected standard
National Average = 65%

Reading Writing and Maths at higher standard
National Average = 10.5%