Stage 1
  • Meeting with DCAT following approach from school
  • Presentation to Governing Board
  • DCAT Trustees notified
  • Initial due diliegnce completed
  • Governing Board pass a formal expression of interest
Stage 2
  • DCAT completes due diligence on buildings, finance and standards
  • Governing Board undertake pre-decision consultation with stakeholders
  • Governing Board pass a motion to become an academy
  • DCAT Trustees consider due dilgence report and make a decision
  • Diocesean Board of Education consent for academy order
  • Application and consent letter sent to DfE
Stage 3
  • Application considered by Regional Schools Commisioner and Headteacher Board
  • DCAT appoints project managers and lawyers
  • Academy order issued and conversion grant paid to DCAT
Stage 4
  • Meeting with Local Authority to plan conversion
  • Legal transfers and processes initiated
  • Statutory consultation and information sharing with stakeholders
  • TUPE consultaton and process for staff
Stage 5
  • Academy opens
  • Local Governing Board appointed